Neil Belen

Sound Healer Neil Belen is a visionary musician, album artisan, multimedia producer, inner engineer, and community cultivator, born and raised in Long Beach, California. With over a decade of experience in the arts, his background in FM live broadcast & theatre productions has lead to travels around the globe. These travels have brought a deepened awareness of self, an enhanced perspective of others, and an appreciation of wellness for all.

At twenty-infinity years of youth, Neil has now realigned with his soul purpose to serve the world with the Sound Healing in order to enhance one’s well being and reawaken the population to our maximum potential. Long Beach and Greater Los Angeles now experience weekly Sound Healing workshops and gatherings to activate creative intentions and cultivate community well being.

Inspired by the constant awareness of seeing another in need of healing, Neil’s upbringing around family in the medical field has been inspired an innovative implementation of holistic healing and therapy in his creative collaborations. It is these endeavors that will encourage the well being of self, which in turn inspire the well being of one another within our community. With each return to his hometown from international travels, he brings anew level of awareness to his being that he cannot help but radiate into his everyday expression shared with community.

    His target audience are those ready an with open mind & a creative heart looking to make an impact in the world - active leaders with an intention to empower other leaders. With a natural attraction to those who have already found their light, Neil also enjoys empowering others to radiate their own inner illumination in the world. Some of the most powerful sessions happen during one-on-one activations at the DHARMATORIUM creative space in the Wrigley neighborhood of Long Beach, where chosen creators active in the community are blessed with studio time to build their craft, live their purpose, and design their dreams.

    Although he believes that his human being is his main instrument, and the universe is the unlimited canvas - Neil’s central source of sound is currently the 32” Saturn Gong. This gong is tuned to the planet Saturn and activates the Third Eye Chakra, an energy center that increases our vision, focus, intuition, guidance, readiness, and awareness of all things divine. By activating this energy center through sound, we are able to get clarity on our endeavors, expand our vision beyond perceived limitations, and strengthen our trust and intuition in our actions that manifest our dreams into reality. Thanks to the Department of Mental Health, and California Mental Health Services Authority, this ancient instrument along with crystal singing bowls have now become a part of Neil’s energy tools in order to bring well being into the community and activate awareness on anew level.

Amidst the local community cultivation Neil’s efforts are to align creative journeys across the world on the way back to the motherland. You can expect increased output from his original production catalog in the near future including his debut album Anew Love: World Reawakening, as well as additional grant award winning content through his organizations Dank Radio and Building Bridges, featuring FM Live Broadcasts, wellness podcast interviews, and community activation.